Philanthropy is a hallmark of my DNA

Philanthropy is a hallmark of my DNA :I hope more people are inspired by this story and donate to underprivileged

In Jan 2015 when I went to India I donated an antique gold and jewelry set to my AlmaMater Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). This set is very close to my heart as it was given to me by my husband and my in-laws. You will see in this post that how my donation inspired other people also to donate and that is why this story is so unique.

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The Vice-Chancellor of  AMU, Lt.Gen.(Retd.) Zameeruddin Shah had appealed to AMU Alumni residing worldwide that it is payback time to your AlmaMater. AMU Alumni around the world have responded to his appeal. I salute Gen.Shah for all the good work he is doing at AMU.

My interview of Gen.Shah on my radio show:

Philanthropy is a hallmark of my DNA as my grandfather Prof.Abdul Aleem a very famous freedom fighter of India and my parents Prof. A. Majid Siddiqi and my mom Mrs.Jamila Siddiqi were big philanthropists in India and they all trained me to be philanthropist. To know more about them please visit the following link:

The jewelry set I donated to my AlmaMater (AMU: was auctioned on Oct 18, 2015 at AMU Alumni Summit 2015, and according to AMU Controller of Examinations Prof. Javaid Akhter ( who auctioned the set in the presence of Gen.Shah ,invited guests including famous film star Naseeruddin Shah and Kennedy house auditorium at AMU,Aligarh(UP),India full of dignitaries , press and teachers and students of AMU.

Here is his report in his own words:

Brief report on contribution from Dr Afshan Hashmi to AMU Alumni Fund
During recent visit of Vice-Chancellor Saheb to USA, Dr Afshan Hashmi, a distinguished scientist turned bestselling author donated her jewelry to AMU.  

In the alumni summit, it was decided to auction the same and reserved priced was fixed at Rupees 6,51,000. Brigadiar Shafi Mohd from Pakistan raised the offer by 1,00,000 rupees and thereafter various offers raised were as under. 
Janab Assanul Mubin Sb 1,00,000
Janab M Rais Khan Sb (Mumbai), 1,00,000
Janab Farid Khan Mumbai 1,00,000
Prof Saud Parvez Saheb, Principal AK Tibbiya College Rupess 50,000
Janab Rais Saheb once again offered to buy the priceless jewelry for Rs. 11,00,000 which was announced as Rupees 11,50,000 by me. I immediately committed a sum of rupees 50,000 to ensure that bid amount is not lowered. 
In order to respect the sentiments of Dr Afshan Hashmi, Dr Shahid Jameel  her brother offered a contribution of rupees 50,000 and thereafter the offers poured in like anything. 
Following is the tentative list of offers made during the auction.

Janab Naushad Ansari Sb – Dehradun Rs. 1,00,000
Janab Abdul Mubeen Khan Sb 1,00,000
Er Masarrat Noor Khan 1,00,000
Janab M. Jahangeer NOIDA 1,00,000
Dr M Afzal D/O History 1,00,000
Janab Sanaurrehman Govt Contractor LKO 2,00,000
Dr Anamica Gupta Dept of Chemistry Rupees 2,00,000
Dr Aftab Alam Pol Sci 1,00,000
Dr Laman Sami 1,00,000
Dr Rukhsana Lari Saheba LKO 1,00,000
student of MA Geography (name to mentioned soon) 1,000
Janab Mohd Musheer Sb Dept of Chemistry 5,000
Janab Salman Khan Sb, Zoology 1,000
Dr Nikhara Saheba Women's Studies 6,000
Saifi Salahuddin Sb Geology 25,000
S M Safi Sb for Ikram Ghauri Sb 25,000
Prof Arjumand Dept of Chem 1,50,000
Old Boys Association Jeddah 5,17,600
Aashiya Kausar Botany 20,000
FAAA – USA 15,000 US$ (9,50,000)
Mrs Fauzia Khan Saheba Plo Sci WC 50,000
Ms Kulsoon Salahuddin 5,000
Janab Tariq Sb Old Boys Association 1,00,000
Shayanurrehman 1,000
Janab Aquil Sb MA Library 1,000
Janab Qamruzzaman 50,000
Mrs Fatima Bilgrami 1,00,000
Prof Wasey Usmani 1,00,000
Prof Javed Musarrat 2,00,000
Janab Amanullah Sb 50,000
Ms Kulsoom, MCA 10,000
Mohd Wahid DU 10,000
Dr Azra Sultan Gold Ring
Mohd Noor Dubai - One month’s salary
Col Jamal 25,000
Janab Zaini Sb 1,00,000
Dr Nausha USA 50,000
Janab Jahangeer Sb, DIO Aligarh rupees 25,000
It may please be noted that the details given above are based on notes taken during the auction, these will be confirmed from the recording once available. Members / donors may kindly inform the correct spelling of names and other details. Apologies in advance for any error. It will be corrected as soon as pointed out / confirmed from recording. 

Mr. Ameer Ahamed, 78 batch alumnus from Department of Business Administration announced that he would contribute 10% of the contribution made by teachers of the University subject to maximum 25 lakhs rupees. So was the offer from Ali Rizvi, a 78 batch alumnus from Department of Business Administration that he will contribute an amount equal to 10% of total contribution by the students 
Looking the overwhelming response from the donors, it was thought that it  will continue for hours hence Vice-Chancellor Saheb decided to close the process and request to donors shall be posted on website soon where in they can contribute in a designated account. 
The jewelry was presented to highest bidder that is Janab Rais Saheb who was gracious enough to gift it back to the University. Vice-Chancellor Saheb assured that the same would be placed in the University Museum along with the names of donors 
Best regards 
Dr. Javaid Akhter
Prof of Business Administration & Controller of Examinations. A.M.U., Aligarh UP 202 002

Dean F/O Management
Director on Board – SAIL”

Many newspapers in India reported this news and here is a link:
I thank a lot all the bidders for my jewelry set and especially Mr. Raees Ahmad, Chairman and Managing Director of Rassaz Group, Mumbai., India for bidding highest and after getting the set donating back to AMU not only money but also the set.

We need more people like Mr.Raees Ahmad, in our society.

Here are few memorable photographs of the event in the following link:

I hope more people are inspired by this story and donate to underprivileged.

I feel so proud of my brother Dr.Shahid Jameel CEO The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance

and myself that God Almighty has made us capable of carrying the legacy of our royal lineage family as my grandfather and my parents have left for their Heavenly abode and we are their successors who can carry the legacy of our prestigious family.

Also I have pledged in my book The Modern Mughal Mentality which is available worldwide wherever books are sold that certain part of my book sales will go towards philanthropy and here is the link to a philanthropy event of American Bazaar I was invited to and the blog post I have written about it:

After attending this event I have got lot of offers to partner with many philanthropy organizations here in USA and I will announce with whom I have partnered once all the formalities have been formalized.

I pray to Almighty God that He gives me strength to carry this noble task of philanthropy as I believe in the mantra that the more one gives the more God Almighty gives you. One does not have to be rich to donate it is a mind set to donate whatever you can to the best of your ability to underprivileged. I have always created movements in my life as my genes belong to a family which has always created movements in whatever they do. I feel very proud of myself that I could live to the standards of my family legacy. Readers you have seen in this post that how my donation catalyzed a movement!

Best from your loving Author

Dr.Afshan Hashmi


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